January 10, 2023, is a special day, on this day, Emanyuen Group held its year-end party.

Yes, due to the most important festival of the year in China, the Spring Festival is coming, all companies and workers in China are about to start their long vacation to reunite with their families and celebrate the Spring Festival.

Before the start of the holiday, the Group would like to reward each employee with cash as year-end bonus at the end of the year to thank all employees for their hard work and contribution in 2022, express love and blessings to all employees, also encourage everyone to perform better and achieve greater achievements in 2023.

Through this most direct and powerful motivating way to reward employees who have worked hard for a year, you could see the unconcealed excitement and happiness on the faces of each employee from the pictures. The happy atmosphere filled the entire office. 


At that moment, everyone is deeply grateful to the company and commit that in 2023, everyone will work harder, do a better job in their positions, and let the company move to a higher level.

Emanyuen Group has always closely combined the development of the group with the interests of employees. This initiative of rewarding adequate cash year-end bonuses to each employee fully reflects the group’s humanistic care for all employees and conveys a deep love and warmth to the majority of employees.

In the end, Emanyen Group wishes you all a happy, healthy, wealthy, and prosperous New Year!


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