Jingle bells, jingle bells.

Listen! Merry Christmas bells are ringing.

Colorful Christmas lights twinkle along the street.

It seems that even the air is full of happiness and joy.

Yes, Christmas is coming quietly.

Santa Claus is coming in his sleigh, with wonder and beauty, please pay attention to the sign for it.

It inadvertently lights up the little surprises in life.


It also indicates that all employees of EMANYUEN Group have gone through another year hand in hand.


In order to celebrate Christmas & New Year and thank every employee for their hard work and efforts also, the company held an event of “mystery boxes exchange” to exchange gifts.

On that day, under the organization of the company, everyone prepared a mystery gift box in advance.


Inside the gift box is a mysterious gift carefully selected by each employee. The gift box was wrapped in exquisite colored paper. The gift inside also represents sincere blessings to all family member    Then the mysterious gift box is pasted with a number, and each employee draws a piece of paper with a number in the lottery box in order. Everyone got a gift box with the same number as the number written on the paper.              

Throughout the event, you could see the big smiles on everyone’s faces, the warm atmosphere, applause, and laughter constantly.

In this warm moment of the end of the year and the beginning of the year, all staff of EMANYUEN Group spent this winter warmly and happily together. In the end, here we wish everyone peace, love, and happiness in 2023.


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