Work is not just about being busy from morning till night.

There are also diverse team-building activities.

How wonderful life is

Depends on how much you love it.

It’s not about age or experience.

Keep a curious mind, full of passion and ideals.

Even when faced with an inconspicuous green,

or a negligible shade of blue,

we will still shine brightly, creating ripples of happiness.

In this hot month of June,

It’s the perfect time for drifting,

with the sun, time, and mood just right.

We had a drifting team-building activity

During the trip, everyone interacted actively,
Laughter and happy voices along the way
Made everyone forget about the fatigue of the journey.
first stop was an exciting water park,
It was really awesome!

After experiencing the excitement of the water park, we immediately went to soak in the hot springs. Although it was scorching
hot in the summer, it wasn’t hot at all to soak in the hot springs at night. Instead, it was much more comfortable.

After a night’s rest and having breakfast,

We’re finally going to the long-awaited drifting!

Two people in a raft need to collaborate and cooperate to move forward.

In the river, we chased each other, and once collided, we picked up the “weapons” we had prepared in advance to have a water battle.

Although the splashing river water soaked everyone’s clothes,

It also immersed us in happiness.

When sitting in a kayak and sliding down,

The speed is so fast, like a roller coaster.

The raft rushes down the river with ups and downs,

Making you get wet in a second and scream non-stop!


Here, the waves keep coming one after another,It’s so much fun that it’s explosive.
Before you even open your eyes,
The next huge wave is
already fiercely attacking.
The excitement never stops, and the screaming continues.
One steep slope, where half of your body will be soaked in
This is the true legend of heart-stirring and soaring exhilaration.

The journey is full of obstacles and challenges,

The waves are sometimes fast and sometimes slow, with a forest of strange rocks along the way.

We are amazed by the beauty and wonder of nature.

Drifting through one mountain after another,

And enjoying one scenery after another.

Seeing everyone’s state of life outside of work,

Seeing everyone enjoying every moment of their lives,

This kind of harmony, warmth, and fun

Makes us want to run the company like a “home”.

We hope everyone can learn more skills and enjoy a better life in this big family.

Let us become the loveliest version of ourselves.

Dear families, let’s go for it!

Through team building activities, we can relax ourselves in our daily lives.

Facing the green mountains and rivers, we smiled and urged each other to drink,

Promoting team communication, strengthening communication, and enhancing relationships,

During the activity, we emphasized the importance of teamwork and cooperation,

Which made us deeply feel the power of the team.

Living here, happy here,

This drifting trip has come to a successful end!

We hope all our buddies can always maintain

A passion for life and a positive attitude towards work,

And shine in their areas of expertise.

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