Conference Overview

The 2022 campus online lecture of Emanyuen Group was officially held at 20:00 PM on September 25, 2022. The conference was hosted by the Zhongkai School of Management. Members attending the meeting included Liang Qicai, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhongkai School of Management, Zhu Jianglin, Director and Deputy General Manager of Emanyuen Group, and three enterprise representatives. More than 200 students from the School of Management attended the conference. The conference was chaired by Ye Tao, a counselor of the School of Management. For the sake of epidemic prevention and control, this conference is held online. The host, Secretary Liang, introduced the overall process of the conference, followed by a recruitment presentation by representatives of the Emanyuen Group.


Conference content

At the beginning of the meeting, the representatives of the group introduced the basic situation of the company by video, and described the development history of Emanyuen Group, which has been focusing on overseas markets since its establishment, and now occupies a dominant position in the market and leads the industry. After the students had a preliminary understanding of Emanyuen, the person in charge began to explain the general content of the conference, which consisted of four parts: Learn about Emanyuen, grow in Emanyuen, enjoy in Emanyuen, and join Emanyuen. Then, the person in charge introduced the company’s strong team background and emphasized that the company’s primary purpose is to quickly respond to customer needs and implement them quickly. He also briefly and comprehensively introduced the company’s welfare, office environment, salary, recruitment process, accommodation environment, and geographical location. At the end of the conference, there was a consultation session on related issues. The students actively asked questions, and the person in charge patiently answered their questions and actively welcomed the students to apply for an interview.


Outstanding performance

Blessings and expectations

The job fair jointly held by Emanyuen and Zhongkai School of Management ended successfully. The job fair provided a good platform for students to develop and get in touch with society. Employment is a threshold that every college student must cross, and an important turning point in life. We hope that every college student can find his own way in the future.

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